I appreciated the People! Everyone on staff is so helpful, caring and fun! My Dad really enjoyed being there. It was the first time I have seen him happy in years. It is life changing and amazing work you do! You are all appreciated for what you have done for my Dad.

I appreciated the quick help that you gave working with hospice; the fact that you took my word about the first month; and the wonderful woman who checked my mother in and worked with hospice. I can’t thank you enough.

– B.L.


How, for the third time being there, the staff and residents welcome me. I love it! There was a feeling of friendliness there and everyone was always thoughtful and caring. I felt my brother was safe there. His room was always neat and I thought odors were controlled very well and that means a lot; also, a safe environment with checking in and out.

I appreciated the staff; they were great with answering my questions and showing concern. Thumbs Up!

I use to volunteer with Mass at St. Olaf. I found all of the staff with whom I worked to be attentive and helpful in everyway. The attention residents received when they were not able to or maybe not interested in eating, staff would come and sit with them and say how good the food was, and as a result, many of them did eat something.

Since C.B. became a resident at St. Olaf Residence, she has made excellent, almost amazing progress in her physical condition and she has become an example to other residents in making friends plus learning to live with new conditions. I think that her progress can be attributed to God’s blessings, family care and support, her own efforts, and the care by the nursing staff.

I appreciated the care respect and concern the staff has for the residents.

E.B. received very good care at St. Olaf Residence. He appreciated the wonderful baths, the good food, and the friendly staff. He also enjoyed the activities. He had an excellent physical therapist who was encouraging and got him to use the walker; and almost impossible task. Thank you.

I was touched by the loving care of the staff at St. Olaf Residence.

– S.Q.


I’ve had excellent care all three times I’ve been admitted at St. Olaf Residence.

The staff are caring and considerate and do their job with excellence. We sure made the right choice. Mom’s whole attitude has improved. Her appearance is better. She now acknowledges the change in her life and eagerly embraces her new lifestyle. We were very concerned about her knowing that she had suffered a great loss and that her health was beginning to fail. Things have been marvelous since she has moved to North Oaks on Emerson.

– Tony, a son of a resident