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In 1962, 11 couples and individuals from St. Olaf Lutheran Church donated $200.00 each to provide seed money to construct St. Olaf Residence. Since its humble beginning, St. Olaf Community Campus has relied on individuals to support its mission to care for those living on the Northside.

When it comes to giving, many people don’t realize that right within their own community or neighborhood, there are people living in poverty and are in desperate need of your assistance.

Many of our clients and residents are just those types of people. Not that they would have ever dreamed or desired to be in the situation they currently are today, but it is the reality they live with each and every day.

Our mission is to provide quality housing healthcare and supportive services for our neighbors in need.

Realizing that funding from our State and Federal government is not adequate to provide supportive services to our constituents, we raise private support to sustain the crucial elements St. Olaf Community Campus needs to fulfill its mission.

Gifts can be made directly to the St. Olaf Community Campus Foundation, providing immediate support to benefit our residents, facilities, and programs.


If you are able to do so, we encourage you to consider a gift of cash. It is the simplest way to give, and your gift is immediately available to use in supporting St. Olaf Community Campus' work and mission.


Contributing long-term appreciated securities provides you with a meaningful way to make an immediate gift. Gifts of stock can take advantage of charitable tax deduction and capital gains tax benefits. When considering a gift of stock, please contact the Campus Administrator so that we can help facilitate the most efficient way for you to make your gift.


Gifts for undesignated purposes, or The Unrestricted Fund, enable St. Olaf Community Campus to respond quickly to the areas of greatest need throughout our organization. Unrestricted gifts are used to meet our top priorities for resident care and services.

All gifts to St. Olaf Community Campus are important. Any gift, whether immediate or deferred, can have special significance by being given in memory or in honor of a friend, loved one, or favorite staff member.

Thank you for supporting St. Olaf Community Campus. Every gift does make a difference.


YES, I want to send a gift. Call 612-521-2929 to find out how.