What are the rates?

The skilled nursing facility of the campus, is certified to accept Medicare and Medicaid; these rates correspond with those set by the State and Federal Government based on a person's level of care. North Oaks on Emerson, the assisted living facility, has housing and service options that vary in price structures and rates depending on various waivers and subsidies. To obtain specific rate information, please contact our Admissions Director at 612-521-2929.

What types of assistance are accepted?

St. Olaf Community Campus participates in a variety of financial assistance programs such as Alternative Care Grant/Elderly Waiver, Medical Assistance, and long-term care insurance. Availability and payment types vary depending on individual needs. Assistance is dependent on income qualifications set by specific program guidelines. Contact your insurance or our Admissions Director for more details.

How often are rates or rent increased?

Rates for Skilled Care and rent for Assisted Living are normally adjusted on an annual basis. Skilled care rates will change if there is a change in the level of care needed. You will be notified if you have a change in rates.


Is there a waiting list?

Depending on a number of factors, there may be occasion for someone to be placed on a waiting list, though this does not necessarily mean that there is no availability. Some people are waiting for a specific type of apartment, a certain view, etc. This may mean other units are available. It is best to call and speak to the Admissions Director at 612-521-2929.

How do I reserve an apartment or procure a skilled nursing home room?

Meet or speak with the Admissions Director for both North Oaks on Emerson and St. Olaf Residence at 612-521-2929. You can also call this number for more information or to schedule a tour.

Do I have to be Lutheran to live at St. Olaf?

No, all faiths are welcome without preference. Residents choose whether or not to participate in any of the various spiritual programs offered by our own Chaplain or from the various area churches that visit our campus.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed under certain conditions at North Oaks on Emerson. Please call for more details.

Is smoking permitted?

Residents who meet certain criteria are permitted to smoke in designated smoking areas. There is an indoor smoking room for residents; employees are not permitted to smoke within the facility.


What makes up St. Olaf Community Campus?

In 1964, St. Olaf Residence grew from a dream to a reality under the guidance of St. Olaf Lutheran Church to provide health care for seniors living in northern Minneapolis. After 50 years, St. Olaf Community Campus is now comprised of Skilled Care and Assisted Living housing, along with a number of agency partnerships such as Meals at Home, which contribute to meeting the needs of the surrounding community.

What is your affiliation with the Lutheran Church?

St. Olaf Community Campus is an outgrowth of the ministry of St. Olaf Lutheran Church with roots in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It is also a member of Lutheran Services in America.